New Taos 2022

    • Versions:Comfort-Line, High-Line and High-Line Plus
    • Motor:1.4 L TSI
    • Transmission:Tiptronic 6
    • Horsepower:150 Hp

    The different way

    Just by looking at it, you know that it belongs to an unprecedented generation. It has an electrifying design, extensive equipment full of innovations and the best safety technology in its segment. The New Taos invites you to continue enjoying your freedom and it inspires you to collect new experiences.

    1.4 L TSI
    150 Hp engine and 250 Nm of torque

    Life goes at the speed that you decide

    Its motor responds with the same agility with which you are used to living. It doesn’t matter if you travel with your partner, XL pets, your friends, bicycles and luggage, New Taos has the power you need to enjoy a dynamic driving in any condition.

    Central grill with illuminated lip in LED technology

    Shine for your presence

    Your decisions always make you noticeable. That's why you'll love that New Taos features a light seal that runs through the center grille, continuing the headlight line and enhancing its striking front design. In dimly lit environments, the New Taos is more than unmistakable: it is unique.

    Volkswagen Digital Cockpit

    It's your way, visualize it your way

    Its dashboard is a 10.2 ”high resolution color screen, which you can configure with different views to display the information as you wanted: speedometer, tachometer, kilometers traveled, fuel consumption and everything you need to drive in a really functional way.

    Technology and Security

    Approach with confidence, take whoever you want. Enjoy the unbeatable feeling of being accompanied by the most complete safety equipment and technological innovations, which allow you to stay connected with everything you love in life.

    Taos Touch Screen
    10 "color touch screen

    You live to the fullest

    You have always known that you are here to delight yourself in your world. Therefore, the New Taos allows you to keep your Smartphone fully charged without using cables. Transform that energy into more experiences and stay in communication.

    Taos Horns
    8 Speakers

    Positive frequencies

    Your New Taos allows you to have a good attitude on all your journeys. Enjoy your favorite music even more thanks to the excellent sound from its 8 speakers.

    Taos Wireless App Connect
    Volkswagen Wire

    Keep enjoying, stay connected

    Easily link your device and stay in control of each issue while you live your stories.

    You will be able to access calls, messages and music. In addition, Volkswagen App-Connect will allow you to interact with some of your favorite apps on your Smartphone:  Spotify®,  Waze®,  Google Maps®  without distractions while driving by viewing them on the 10 ”screen.   

    If your partners need to charge the battery and transfer data, they can do so by connecting to one of its USB type C ports.


    Taos Smartphone Charger
    Wireless Charger for Smartphone

    Share big

    Add entertainment and connectivity, make your trips more practical thanks to its modern radio with a 10 ”color touch screen where everything looks incredible.

    Taos Parking Sensors
    Rear parking sensors

    Sharpen your intuition

    The New Taos makes you more precise while you park, using audible alerts to indicate when you approach any object or even people.

    To drive in reverse with absolute caution, your New Taos offers you the most complete perspective thanks to its rear-view camera, which projects everything that you would not normally see on the huge 10” screen.

    Driving Assistants

    Taos ACC
    Not everyone can follow their own pace

    Adaptive cruise control

    Set your speed and the New Taos will maintain it without you having to step on the accelerator. If the cars in front of you are not keeping the same velocity as yours, New Taos adapts by automatically braking and accelerating to regain the speed you set, always keeping a safe distance.

    Let nothing stop your plans

    Make sure you get where you are going with this high technology, which detects sudden reductions in speed of the vehicle in front of you, issuing visual and audible alerts for you to take action. If you do not brake or maneuver, the system uses the brake fully to avoid or mitigate impacts.


    From afar you can identify it and when you get closer you will fall in love. Its lines are added to evolve until they become features that create a solid and irresistible image, with a high level of functionality.

    You and your New Taosa different Generation

    Just as you are distinguished by your ideals, values ​​and decisions, your New Taos is distinguished by its unique equipment and exceptional design crowned by the new Volkswagen logo.

    18 ”machined aluminum wheels Katana

    Own personality, different results

    The wheels of the New Taos have a unique design, with contrasting finishes in aluminum combined with black that highlight their forms and exceptionally complement the unmatched line of its bodywork.

    Panoramic sunroof with height adjustment

    Another perspective for your curiosity

    The experience of traveling in this formidable SUV is completed by the spectacular views offered by its wide panoramic roof. Whether in the city or on road trips, you always have more reason to look in another direction.

    Your path is clear

    The IQ LED headlights of New Taos Highline on the most advanced automotive lighting technology at the moment, they allow you to see with absolute clarity everything that is in front of you. Due to its great power and reach, your visual field is widened at the key points of the road, so that you can enjoy a safer driving in the city.


    If on the outside you like it, on the inside it will make you feel that it was created for you. Everything looks perfect, in order and at your disposal. Its spaciousness and functionality are up to your expectations.

    Ambient lighting on front doors and dash with 10 selectable colors


    Express yourself, illuminate your interior

    Put a nuance on each adventure or change the atmosphere according to your mood. Choose from 10 colors and create the ideal atmosphere with a subtle beam of light on the doors, dashboard, as well as on the clocks and other details of the Digital Cockpit.

    Multifunction steering wheel lined in leatherette

    Only you are in control of your life

    You go where you please, accompanied by whoever you want and without neglecting to attend to any of the matters that are important to you. Without letting go of the steering wheel, you have access to the trip computer, Adaptive Cruise Control and several functions of the infotainment system.

    Dogs with double coat of hair? Don’t worry

    You can independently adjust the air conditioning temperature for you and your partner, as well as the ideal temperature for your canine family. The system will automatically take care of maintaining the perfect climate for each of the two zones.

    Learn more about Taos.

    Learn more about Taos.

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