A Whole World For Your Volkswagen

Greater comfort and safety: Discover the world of Volkswagen Services, Parts and Accessories and experience the freedom of worry-free mobility – with a range of Original Parts and services.


Your Volkswagen is responsible for taking you to work every day, or to your favorite destinations, so you need to know that you can trust in your Volkswagen. That’s why we make sure that that is always the case, by offering a variety of services for continued top performance.

When you deliver your Volkswagen to us, you can rest assured that we know every component, bolt and special feature of your model. After all, we are the ones who built it. We transfer all of our knowledge that has been acquired for the past 80 years to all Volkswagen Partners and all of our employees – all over the world. This is done through intensive sessions and courses.

We develop the right tool for each component so that we can perform optimal repair and maintenance work on your Volkswagen. Only when the components and tools work together in perfect coordination, will every pairing and angle be exactly right. Everything is precisely where it should be. And you will be able to enjoy your Volkswagen for longer – a goal we don’t want to lose by a single millimeter.

What really matters is the effectiveness of the tool and the depth of the knowledge: only those who can truly assess what is working well or not so well in your Volkswagen have the ability to perform optimal maintenance and repair jobs. That is why all Volkswagen Partners have diagnostic systems that analyze the vehicle’s electronics, down to the very last function – and of course, in agreement to the latest cutting-edge technology that is installed in your own Volkswagen.

Our Services.

Repairs and Service.

No matter how much care you put into it, sometimes the parking space ends up being too small after all, or the dog does his thing in the new seat ahead of schedule. No problem. Choose our repair services and ensure that any defects
will soon no longer be available.

Checks and Maintenance.

Your Volkswagen gives you all that it has every minute. Give us a few minutes to check and maintain it, so you can completely trust your Volkswagen at the crucial moments.

Original Parts.

Safe, high-quality and perfectly matched to your Volkswagen: After repairs or maintenance, Volkswagen Genuine Parts will put you back on the road as safely and comfortably as before – and your Volkswagen remains original from all ends.

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